Monday, June 28, 2010

From Inside A Comic Mind

Although I have been to Cookie before, I have never fully explored its every other floors. Through its rustic look and dodgy appearance, one would hardly think that the building was harboring such whimsical and exciting spaces. Furthermore, as night falls, the entry floor would always be guarded by a couple of bouncers which denotes how secure the building is.

Interestingly, what lies beyond this facade of assurance is a quirky bookstore that displays a range of artistic and creative books. Two floors higher than that lies the Rooftop Cinema where you could lounge on a perfectly lawned roof garden with a glass of beer. Having experienced the city for quite some time, the view above portrays the city in an absolutely different atmosphere.

Lawn Chairs, Large Heaters, Personal Canopies, and Jazz Music...cant get better than that.

Along the walls of the rooftop (a designed art space known as Nine on Seven) were dioramas of Ben Hutchings art pieces of the exhibition, "From Inside A Comic Mind". The following are some of his art works made of paper collages which i find particularly interesting. For more, you may check out his website at or

Box 4: Shampoo Suicide Night (left), The descriptions (right)
Box 2: Day of the Ugly Giants
Box 5: Super Chip Scramble (left), Box 1: Canberra (right)
Box 6: Twin Galaxies (left), Box 3: Dogmouth (right)

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